The 20/20 House Part 44

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Living in our very own Passive House

Where has the time gone? We have been living in our house now for a bit over 3 months. The boxes are mainly gone, only a few are left.

Our built-in fridges are in. And they are amazing. So glad we got a magnetic wall in the kitchen though, to hang all the artwork.

There is still no sight of our built-in coffee machine. But our curtains and blinds got installed. It looks amazing. And the best thing, we can close the curtains in the living room and don’t have to see the mess outside. Then yes, there has still been no news about the easement or the carport. We still don’t know whether council wants to repair the damaged pipe in our easement. And until that is sorted, there is no point in starting on the landscape. Also, there is still no further advice about our built over easement approval for the carport.

We also still haven’t made any progress on our own bed, the dining table or the sofa bed for the multi-functional room. But at least we have received our couch from Eva. And I love it.

Our builder was here the other day to do a walk through with us and to discuss any defects. I know, defects sounds bad. But this is a normal process when building a home. There are always some small little fixes and patch ups that you will find after you move in.

Like in our instance, some loose towel rails, some paint fixes, or loose tapware. Nothing major, but still, you want to have it looked at. So this will happen over the next few weeks.

One of the things I like the most about our new home is our filtered rainwater. I am highly allergic to the chlorine in our tap water. And have never been able to drink tap water, not even when it is filtered. There is still some residue. And I have never enjoyed showering that much. As I was always a bit itchy afterwards. And my eyes were burning. But now I can finally enjoy water from the tap. No more bottled water for me. Yay!!! And even better with our Zip unit, that provides sparkling water from the tab.

And we haven’t even started to think about artwork or decoration at large. But it does feel like our home. And that is the main thing.

We’ve also got an addition to our family. A little cavoodle puppy. Her name is Billie and she is keeping us on our toes.

Also, the works for our studio should start soon. So far, the studio has only been built up to lock up stage. Originally we had planned to finish it ourselves. Which was ridiculous in itself, as my partner and I never have time ? So we’ve asked Hamish and his team to finish it for us.

Stay tuned for more.