The Gruen Eco Design blog about how to convert your dream from an energy efficient home into a reality.

My partner and I are planning to build an affordable energy efficient house for our family. So I thought I take this opportunity to write about all the things we will have to go through to get into our home. And hopefully this can give some guidance or help to others in the same position.

I do want to talk about the whole process. Starting on how we get the finance sorted, finding the right side. How to determine what rooms we need and how the house has to function for us. But also what things we have to consider during the design phase, how to find and deal with a builder. Through to the construction process and then hopefully a happy ever after move into our new dream home.

But for now, we are just at the start. So in my first blog I will talk about finance. And what you need in order to get a pre approval from the bank, so that you can start actively looking for the right site.

Stay tuned and follow our journey.