Why the 20/20 House?

You may ask yourself: Why the 20/20 House? What does it mean?

I guess if you have studied architecture and even more so if you design houses for a living, it is only natural that all that you are dreaming of is designing and building your own dream home one day. For us as a couple with 2 architects (no, hold on, I’m not allowed to say that since I’m not registered as one) with 2 that have studied architecture, it was a real mission.

Several years ago, while we were still looking for our first home, that turned out to be our 8.4 Star renovation in Vermont, we started to make plans for our future home. Our goal was to be in our very own home by 2020. Also, especially when coming to Australia, we were really shocked about the quality of the homes and how cold they felt and how difficult it was to feel comfortable in them. The mission was to create the perfect family home. Nice and comfortable, not too big, not too small. Architecturally appealing, energy efficient, sustainable and most importantly affordable.

This was the 20/20 Vision for our Future.

There you go. And now finally, many, many years after we started dreaming about it, we bought a block of land!!! And our journey of building a passive house has started.

The plan is to rent out the existing house for 1 – 1,5 years while we design our new family home and prepare all required plans and permits. And then hopefully start building end of 2018. Which will bring us into our new home in mid-2019 if all goes well. Happy times ahead.

We bought ourselves a little challenge. A very wide easement and stringent setback restrictions, combined with a bit of a slope will call for some compromises and creativity. But well, where is the fun without a challenge ?

In the next blog, I will talk some more about the actual site, its constraints and opportunities.