Same goes for a home office/study? Do you work from home every day? A few days a week? Or maybe just a few hours every now and then? Do you really need one entire work room? Or could you maybe have a build in desk with some storage somewhere, that can be closed off?

What about a multi-functional room, that works as a study/home office during the week with a sofa bed or a murphy bed. And then turns into a guest bedroom when needed?

Then there is the pantry and laundry. Most people ask for huge laundries and huge pantries. Don’t think about what everyone else is doing. Think about your day to day life. How you use your laundry, what do you do in your laundry? Do you actually iron in the laundry and therefore need a big space in between workbenches? Or do you rather iron in the living room in front of the TV? If you iron at all that is J In that case, maybe you only need a long wall with build in storage and room for a washing machine and dryer, in form of a European laundry.
Will you be cooking or preparing food in your pantry? Or just storing food and appliances?

How much build-in storage and robe space do you need? Do you really need walk in robes in every bedroom? Does every bedroom really need its own bathroom? What about sharing and teaching the kids how to share and be nice to each other?

Do you need a garage? Or is a carport sufficient? If you want a garage, why? To protect your car? Or to store things? If you want to store things, you are probably cheaper off building a carport and then some additional secure external storage.

These are just some suggestions.

In the next blog I will talk a bit more about our family. And what rooms and things we need and want for our home.

PS. The sketch shows my family drawn by my 3 year old daughter J