The passive house calculation is one of the most accurate ways of calculating energy efficiency. The tools used are PHPP (Passive House Planning Package) and Design PH. 

This allows the user to make informed energy efficiency decisions. Which enable us to choose the best project options from an early design stage. 

These calculations can be used for new buildings, but also, within the refurbishment sector for retrofit projects.

Here is a quick summary about the different tools

  • PHPP (Passive House Planning Package)
  • Design PH – Providing a 3D interface to the PHPP. 
  • ERP – EnerPHit Retrofit plan for retrofit projects

The tools used for these calculations are design tools, not compliance tools. 

The PHPP platform is an interactive process. In which design can be refined by giving accurate energy efficiency values. 

 What are the calculation tools and how do they work? 

How does the analysis process start? 

How are they integrated with the 6 Passive House Principles?

Lots of questions. I know.

So, let’s start a miniseries about Passive House Calculation Tools

Keep an eye out for the next part.

P.S. A huge thanks to our passive house designer Shaily, who has been helping me put together all the details for you!