I often get asked why all our homes look so different? Or what our style is?

Well, the answer is quite simple. We do specialise on energy efficient and sustainable homes, not a certain design style or look.

We help others to live a more sustainable life, by helping them to create beautiful sustainable and energy efficient homes. No matter if you are after a Hampton style home, a contemporary home or an eco timber shack.

The things that define a sustainable and energy efficient home don’t have much to do with the look of the house. The main thing is that the house needs to be well insulated. You need high performing windows. Thermal bridges and air-leakage need to be minimised. Ideally the house should have some thermal mass. And you should have good solar access. These are the main things. What kind of roof form you have, or what cladding or wall finish you use is up to your personal taste.

 We at Gruen Eco Design specialise in energy efficient and sustainable homes and are confident with all kinds of different designs and styles. Therefore, you can see many kinds of designs in our portfolio; period homes as well as contemporary or ultra-modern home.

No matter what look you are after, we will make sure your home is as energy efficient and sustainable as we can.

Please have a look through our resources on our website for more information about what things to need to consider when building or renovation a sustainable and energy efficient home.