Over the last week I have been constantly thinking about the bush fires. And how we can support and help in any way.

Yes, the first priority is to support the front line, the heroes out there fighting the fires and helping with emergency services and resources. And they need money. 

Once the fires are over, they need supplies, new goods, clothes and all. I’m sure many of you have been thinking about what other things you could donate. I have boxes full of kids clothes and toys I have been holding on to. But now it’s time to let them go…

But I have been considering other ways I could help? Is there something we can do as an industry?

Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and will need rebuilding. But not just rebuilt, we will have to make sure those homes are better performing. They have to be able to withstand ember attacks, and cope with the increasingly harsher conditions and temperatures in Australia. Those homes have to be well functioning and resilient. 

Homes that need little to no additional mechanical heating or cooling and also conform with the relevant bushfire regulations. 

Even those that don’t see the point in the climate crisis or are still sceptical. I’m sure they will agree that we CAN NOT just reconstruct what has been lost. We have to do it better! The homes have to be better.

A house needs to be our safe haven. It needs to be a place where we can feel secure and comfortable. A place that can cope with soaring temperatures above 40 degrees, even during a power outage. We can’t keep building homes that turn into a hot oven as soon as the air conditioning stops working…


Therefore, I am pledging that we will help 2 families to rebuild their new improved home. We will help them with all the plans and documentation they need.


So, who else is on board? Who is willing to offer their time pro bono?

Who else is able to donate their time and help one family to rebuild their homes? 


Or do you offer any other services that will help families in need to rebuild their homes?

If we all come together as an industry, we can have a real impact.