Double storey extension to a heritage home built by Algernon Elmore. Located in the leafy suburb of Blackburn, our project is a clever example of a heritage listed two bedroom cottage being transformed into a high energy efficient family house. Featuring sustainable and energy efficiency qualities and with a double storey extension at the back, the dwelling is now well equipped to serve the young family of four.

The existing cottage has been fully insulated and the new addition has been built to the highest standards in terms of insulation, with high performing double glazed windows. The polished concrete slab in the new extension acts as an effective thermal mass, passive solar design has been applied throughout to achieve a comfortable family house for all of Melbourne’s seasons.

Other environmentally sustainable design features include hydronic heating, rainwater tanks, compost bins and worm farms, and solar panels. The big veggie garden and the five ducks guarding it is also an important aspect of sustainable design principles. Low VOC and exclusively non-toxic finishes and materials have been used through the entire project. For more information check out

Photos By Loren